Poster Paper Display Guidelines


  • Posters may be displayed at the designated time on the designated poster day
  • Display poster under your paper number
  • Display posters early to maximise viewing time
  • Authors must attend the Interactive Poster Session at the scheduled time to answer questions
  • Posters must be set up half hour before the Interactive Poster Session begins.

Poster Size

  • One full length chart paper (preferably a white chart paper)
  • Push pins, board, or tape will be provided to hang your poster.


  • Kindly download the poster template: here
  • Posters must fit within the designated space listed above
  • The most successful and attractive posters are graphically-produced posters that highlight and summarise the main points, with the poster presenter filling in the details
  • The least effective poster format is a photocopy of the manuscript.

Your poster presentation should include:

  • The paper title and all authors at the top of the poster
  • A brief introduction, goals, experimental detail, conclusions, and references (make sure this information is presented in a logical and clear sequence)
  • Explanations for graphs, pictures, and tables
  • Keep some handouts ready for the convenience of the onlookers.