1. How do I submit my extended abstract for the Conference?

You can submit your extended abstract through Easy Chair Conference Management System, after creating an account and logging on to the site. Please click https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=wmc20161 to submit the extended abstract.

2. Conference website asks for extended abstract for maximum 2000 words whereas, “EASY CHAIR” also asks for an abstract for maximum 200 words?

Abstract is an additional piece of information that is different from extended abstract. Abstract is a short summary of your extended abstract and will be used during the review process.

3. May I submit my extended abstract to more than one track?

No. Under no circumstances should the same extended abstract (or different versions of it) be submitted to more than one track. You should also not submit the same extended abstract under two different titles.

4. How many submissions are permitted per author?

There is no limit to the number of submissions by author. You may submit as many different extended abstract as you like. However, you may not submit the same or slightly varied extended abstracts to different tracks. If you do so,this will be considered as unethical scientific behaviour and all the extended abstracts will be rejected.

5. Who can submit an extended abstract for the Conference?

Submission of extended abstract is open to all public (students/faculty/practitioners).

6. What is an Abstract id?

Abstract ID is a unique Identification Code provided to your submitted extended abstract. You should always mention the Abstract ID during any communication with us.

7. May I add/delete co-authors of my paper after it is submitted/accepted?

No. Co-authors should have been added at the time that the extended abstract was submitted. You cannot add/delete co-authors after the extended abstract has been accepted by us.

8. Are students required to produce any documents for verification?

Our accounts are subject to Government auditing and hence to claim any discounted registration fee, students are required to produce Student Verification Document issued by the Head of their Institution.

9. I did not find my question on your FAQ list.

Kindly mail us all your queries or suggestions at: wmc2016@iima.ac.in. We will be happy to serve you better.

10. How do I make a revised submission?

  • Log into your Easy Chair Account
  • Update the submission.

Note – ” Please do not create a new submission.”