Here are a list hotels in Lucknow city offering a special rate (considerably reduced) for the 05th PAN IIM WMC. Please note that the rooms are limited in the given Hotels so it’s purely based on first come-first serve basis and subject to availability of rooms. Please contact the hotels officials and reserve accommodation of your choice.

S.No. Hotel Name Room Category Rates (Excluding Taxes) Contact person Distance from IIMLucknow
Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
1 Hotel Marroit Fairfield  Standard Deluxe 4500.00 5000.00 Mr .Saurav
Mob-  07570000727
Email id:
16 Km
2 Hotel Golden Tulip Superior Room (Old Wing) 3500.00 4000.00 Abhishek Bhalla 
Mob- 09044095011
Email id:
16 Km
Deluxe Rooms 4000.00 4500.00
Club Rooms 4500.00 5000.00
3 Hotel Ramada Lucknow  Deluxe Rooms 3500.00 4000.00 P Siddharth Chaturvedi 
Email id:
40 Km
Suite Rooms 9500.00 9999.00
4 Hotel Spana Clark Inn, Ring Road Deluxe Rooms 2850 3200.00 Mr. Amit Singh Rana
Email id
9 Km
5 Reventa Club & Resort, Sitapur Road Superior Room  2000.00 2500.00 Mr.Ramesh Kumar 
Email id:
Deluxe Rooms 2500.00 3000.00
Executive Rooms 3500.00 4000.00
6 Vijay Paradise, Ring Road Deluxe Rooms 3000 4000 Mr.Zafar khan
Email id:
7 Radission Lucknow City Center Deluxe Rooms 5500.00 6500.00 Mr. Manish Bhardwaj
Email id: